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Poster Session

Materials Science

Afsaneh Ahmadi: Lithium Isotope Ratio Determination by Mass Spectrometer and Investigating Effects of Various Parameters on Precision
Jose Francisco Alcantara-Leiva: Determinations of Thermal-to-Plasma Transitions and Implications in Laser-matter Interaction by Coincidence Ion-photon Measurements
Stepanka Kuckova: Application of MALDI-TOF MS in Art Works Analysis
Simona Cornelia Nicoara: Structural Investigation of Newly Synthesized 1,3-Dioxanic Compounds and of their Synthon by EI, ESI and APCI Mass Spectra Analysis
Alexey V. Streletskiy: Development of MALDI Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Halogenated Fullerenes
Takahisa Tsugoshi: A New Catalysis Evaluation Using Evolved Gas Analysis with Skimmer Interface and Ion Attachment Mass Spectrometry
Jose Miguel Vadillo: Analytical Performance of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for the Quality Control of Nanometric Metallized Dielectric Films for Capacitors Fabrication