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Poster Session

MS Contribution to Immunology

Anders Holm: Specific Modification and Subsequent Mass Spectrometric Detection of Citrulline Containing Peptides
Elizabeth Komives: Amide Exchange Mass Spectrometry Reveals IκBα Folds Upon Binding to NF-κB
Cornelia Koy: Characterization of Immunomodulatory Action of Holothurian Triterpene Glycosides (Cucumariosides) in Mice Spleen Cells by Proteome Analysis
Madalina Maftei: Mass Spectrometric and Immunoanalytical Characterization of the Interaction Structure between Neuroprotective Factor Humanin and Alzheimer's β-amyloid(1-40) peptide
Petr Novak: Is There an HLA-B27 Associated Peptide Responsible for Ankylosin Spondylitis?
Mohan Srinivasan: Molecular Epitope of Two Fully Human Antibodies Recognizing Different Oligomeric States of the Same Antigen Using MALDI-TOF MS
Raluca Stefanescu: Mass Spectrometric and Immunoanalytical Epitope Characterisation of a Specific Antibody to the H1-carbohydrate Recognition Domain of the Asialoglycoprotein Receptor
James L. Stephenson: Quantitation of Defensin and Cathelicidin Peptides in Human Saliva
Jason Williams: The Antigenic Determinants on HIV p24 for CD4+ T Cell Inhibiting and Non-CD4+ T Cell Inhibiting Antibodies as Determined by Limited Proteolysis, Chemical Modification, and Mass Spectrometry