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Plenary Lectures & Tutorials

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Plenary Lecture L1
Paul J. Crutzen: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in the ‘Anthropocene’
Plenary Lecture L2
Donald F. Hunt: Comparative Analysis of Post-Translationally Modified Proteins and Peptides by Mass Spectrometry: New Technology (Electron Transfer Dissociation) and Applications in the Study of Cell Migration, the Histone Code and Cancer Vaccine Development.
Plenary Lecture L3
A. Welford Castleman, Jr.: Recent Advances in Cluster Science
Plenary Lecture L4
Adriano Aguzzi: Recent Progress in Prion Biology
Plenary Lecture L5
Jack Beauchamp: Probing our Origins: The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry for Laboratory Simulations and In situ Exploration of Space Environments
Plenary Lecture L6
Walter Thiel: Computational Studies on Enzymes
Tutorial T1
Helmut Schwarz: On The Spin-Forbiddeness Of Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions: A Fruitful Intersection Of Experimental And Computational Studies
Tutorial T2
Neil L. Kelleher: Development of a Quadrupole-FT Mass Spectrometer for Robust Identification and Characterization of Intact Proteins