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Abstract No.: T2
Speaker: Neil L. Kelleher
Session: Tutorial T2
Presentation date: Sun, Aug 27, 2006
Presentation time: 17:45 – 18:30

Development of a Quadrupole-FT Mass Spectrometer for Robust Identification and Characterization of Intact Proteins

Neil L. Kelleher1

1 University of Illinois, Urbana, United States

Correspondence address: Neil L. Kelleher, University of Illinois, Chemistry, 600 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL, 61801 United States.

Keywords: Biomarkers; Electrospray Ionization (ESI); Ionization Process; Mass Spectrometry, Fourier Transform; Proteomic.

Our laboratory is developing instrumentation for Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometry (FTMS) for analyzing intact proteins in a proteomics context. Our technique development uses Electrospray Ionization (ESI) with a new Quadrupole-FTMS hybrid instrument to obtain protein information with unparalleled molecular detail (including unexpected post-translational modifications). Our studies are aimed to yield a better understanding of basic biology and advance a new approach to the detection of subtle biomarkers. The description of our work will include aspects of state-of-the-art FTMS, protein biochemistry, and database suite to support diverse labs to actually implement emergent "Top Down" approaches to protein analysis and microcharacterization. More information can be obtained at http://kelleher.scs.uiuc.edu .