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Abstract No.: L3
Speaker: A. Welford Castleman, Jr.
Session: Plenary Lecture L3
Presentation date: Wed, Aug 30, 2006
Presentation time: 09:00 – 09:50

Recent Advances in Cluster Science

A. Welford Castleman, Jr.1

1 Penn State University, University Park, United States

Correspondence address: A. Welford Castleman, Jr., Penn State University, Chemistry and Physics, 104 Chemistry Building, University Park, PA, 16802 United States.

Web site: http://research.chem.psu.edu/awcgroup/

Keywords: Cluster Formation; Cluster, Ionic; Cluster, Ionization; Cluster, Metal; Cluster, Proton Bound; Ion-molecule Reactions; Nanoscale Science/Technology.

Cluster research continues to be a subject of increasing interest and activity. Advances in the field depend heavily on mass spectrometry, where obtaining knowledge of cluster compositions enables insights into such phenomena as the origin of magic numbers, the existence of superatoms and the formation of cluster mimics of elements of the periodic table. Information on superatoms is being used to understand factors governing the stability of clusters that offer the prospect of serving as building blocks for new nanoscale materials. The nature of superatoms is an active subject in my group, and will be one of the main subjects discussed in this lecture. Two other subjects we are actively pursuing involve studies of the evolving compositions of intermediates and final products of reactions that model catalytic behavior and that provide insights into mechanisms of catalytic activity. In this case, the focus of the lecture will be on oxygen transfer reactions involving transition metal oxide systems. Finally, we will discuss some solvation phenomena that bear on processes of environmental importance.