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Abstract No.: MoP-LB7
Session: LATE-BREAKING/Proteomics: General
Presentation date: Mon, Aug 28, 2006
Presentation time: 09:50 – 11:20

An Automated Proteomics Platform by On-line 2D-nanoLC/LIT-TOFMS and Information Based Acquisition Techniques

Katsuhiro Kanda1, Makoto Nogami1, Masaki Watanabe1, Shinya Ito1, Akira Owada1, Izumi Ogata1, Miyuki Matsushita1, Kiyomi Yoshinari2, Toshiyuki Yokosuka2, Hiroshi Kawasaki3

1 Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., Hitachinaka, Japan
2 Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi, Japan
3 Graduate School of Integrated Science,Yokohama City University, Yokohama, Japan

Correspondence address: Katsuhiro Kanda, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Bio-Medical Center, 882, Ichige, Hitachinaka, 312-8504 Japan.

Keywords: Chromatography, Liquid (LC); MS/MS, Liquid Chromatography; On-line Analysis; Sample Preparation.

Novel aspect: We developed a highly reproducible 2D-nanoLC/LIT-TOFMS, which the RSD of the retention time was 0.5%. And by applying a unique data processing protocol enhanced the protein hit numbers, suggesting the system is applicable to biomarker discovery.


 The challenges of comparing human serum proteins between the patient and healthy individuals lead to discover novel disease markers. However,to identify these markers require a platform, which is automated and efficient for the comprehensive analysis of human serum. In this study,we established fully automated system of on-line 2DnanoLC/LIT-TOFMS, which the data processing protocol called Information Based Acquisition (IBA) was introduced to support the analysis of complex protein mixtures. Here, we evaluated the performance of this system, whether it achieves to increase the identification number of unique proteins automatically from human serum.